Some Soul

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Losing souls by the minute cos my style's seeming a-maze-ing
Look at what the demons is taking or are we just mistaken
Cos today spits get vile and start to flow like vomit
When rap becomes about roasting pigs and making bacon from it
Or money and riches, honeys and bitches, guns / G's and victims
Or that "You gone need some stitches" bitch shit
How the fuck you say I'm corrupting kids by giving guidance to misfits
You lying to infants all the lies of religion
Fuck idols for Christians they're entitled to prison
I'd murder the fuck outta Santa if he gave me bibles as presents
But next question... Is the illuminati real
No, I would say yes but then they'd make me squeal and kneel
They're trying get kids on streets or in jail with shotties
Let me put it this way: two mil for bailing Bobby
And eight hundred million dollars for flailing Rodney
It's blatant oxy lost my soul and then Satan got me
Some soul yeah some soul all he wanted was some soul
But before it was even cold the Feds took it from him whole
Get kids for petty crimes turn them into criminals
And wind up in the shithole hood it's all subliminal
I live for the cream but sometimes my dreams get nightmarish
It's fucked up walking outside knowing you might perish
Rich eyes glaring at the heists that make these guys hellish
Others support their brothers that they might cherish
And all the ignorant militants start believing
Just to ignore chaos, well I guess I'm a heathen
I've actually got steps for achievement the depths I'm reaching
Got me under Baykal 'til I saw the legs of demons
And whether it's that vest you believe in or that shotgun
You will still see men with cold hearts killing boys with hot ones
They'll throw you in jail hundred bail you gotta run
Or the Cops find reasons to shoot and then you're gone and done
Gangbangers only sell weed yet greed makes them lynch foes
And make innocents go to sleep like Jeff or Hypnos
Death's an inch close and even vegans meters away
The pigs ride dirty cos they got heaters to spray
Some soul yeah some soul all he wanted was some soul
But even though it was gold the Feds took it made it cold
You enter the jail as nothing no one has ever heard of ya
But as soon as you bailed in the hood you become a fucking murderer

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