we back and shit

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all these bitches don't understand me,
the ass I'm shaking is really nicki's,
look at this shit, I'm grabbin' them titties,
Imma kid so I can't grab that pussy,
me and cloudz is back and shit,
I wanna throw my ex in the pit,
that music video should get clipped,
Imma crack yo ass like a banana split,
there so many people askin' where my IQ,
but the fact is where u don't have a value,
Imma mop yo ass, do u wanna ___,
Imma mop yo ass, do u wanna argue,
I like drill but no gang affiliate,
this drill is fire that I rather rate,
so the haters position should stay,
cuz they gonna be fuckin' obliterate,
like I said, I ain't from the gangsta's,
u said this trash? Imma bout to crank up,
plus, me and cloudz a really good pranksta's,
if u from detroit, I'm from tampa,
no I don't speak espanol,
smash yo pinga, and kick yo asshole,
cooking barbecue with charcoal,
bitch I think u need some patrol,
just look on how the ladies walk,
I don't give a fuck on what they talk,
I hook her up to draw her ass on chalk,
her ass on my face is what she got taught,
she gonna suck my dick for life,
she really went up, down, up, down twice,
this is the only baddie I'm bein' nice,
I'm dead as fuck If I throw up the gang signs,

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