Fuck the storm (KO-Doomzday diss)

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Hey man, I told you that I had respect for you
I wasn’t dissing I was just questioning your actions
I still like you as a rapper
You think I was sneak dissing you?
You pull out a diss on me?
Fine if that’s what you want let’s fucking go
What the fuck is little Timmy doing he must not be thinking right
To diss his former group and think we won’t go down without a fight
You used to be homie you used to be my ace
And now I want to slap the taste
Out your mouth, I’ll make you bow down on the floor
And I’ll let you know you ain’t shit anymore
Fucking 10-years old and still an iPad kid
That means he IS retarted and now I’m gonna get rid
Of you, and you call me a Stan?
You follow me and propped my raps little man
You ain’t a big dog not anymore at least
I’ll make your ears cream like Lil Cease
Because after this you will CEASE to exist
And you’ve been a naughty boy so I’m taking you off the nice list
This bitch ain’t ready for the smoke
He was a bitch ass pussy from the first time he spoke
And you ain’t fooling anyone you use AI for your clips
And guess what KO? I don’t give a fucking shit
Do you like skittles? Cause it looked like you already tasted the rainbow
You like men and you’ve never gotten a hoe
You think you the big shot?
And now I launching this shit at you like a slingshot
Snap back to reality little bitch
I wish you would lose yourself on your shit
Go and fuck yourself cause no one wants you here
This group is gonna make you cry tears
And you think you can a whole group 24v1 how?
Your thinking just like them now
And we destroyed them sent them back where they came from I ain’t new
And now we’re gonna do the same fucking thing to you
You regretting what you said now cause you now tired and sober
And I will tell you now that your reign is fucking over
Yo step back you ain't ready for this attack
Talking all that smack but you ain't got the facts
Your rhymes are whack can't keep up with the pace
Think you got game? Man you ain't even in the race
I'm the king of this game you're just a peasant
Talking big shit but your presence ain't present
You got no bars no skills just a wannabe
Mess with me you'll be left in a tragedy
Think you got style? Man, you got nothing
Every word you spit is all bluffing
I'm a beast on the mic you're a weak little punk
Got more talent in my pinky than your whole damn trunk
You flexing like you big but you ain't got the muscle
Try to hustle me you get lost in the shuffle
Your flow is a joke ain't no one gonna miss ya
By the time I'm done even your boyfriend won't kiss ya
You ain't nothing but a fake a fraud a pretender
I'll burn you down leave you flamed in the ember
You think your hard but you soft like butter
Every word I spit makes you shudder
You're outta your league outta your mind
Step off kid or get left behind
So next time you think you can come at me
Remember this verse and how you got beat
I'm the real deal you just a clown
Step back son before you get knocked down
And bitch I’ll let you know I’m always superior
To me you will always be inferior
Cause I never back down
Never what?
Never give up
But it looks like your mom gave up you
And your dad left you to get the milk ain’t that true
And I make you eternally sleepy
Rest where the worms and the weak be
Cause now your my little bitch
And I own you like I’m fucking rich
This little punk don’t get no bitches
Meanwhile I’m the sex god fucked your mom I’m too vicious
Cause I’m better than you could comprehend
And you don’t ever mess with D-Licious again

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