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(GaminTricks) waiting for lyrics.
Fall down and collapse from sound of us,
i pound and crush a pal dust,
Decibel level be mountainous,
Get set it mounting us,,
Mounting a bore with massive tusk,
rush at bus and turn it puss,
morph into morpheos I'm in a rush,
no canada band I'm out for the blood,
I don't need to fucking cus,
Electrify like I'm a plug,
Short circuit when I'm off a drug,
All these rappers be causing a fuss,
Talk when I'm hushed,
Calm when I bust,
Offing the fuzz,
Smacking a demon to agonal breathing,
I must,
Chicken heads be acting sus,
That's why I don't need to lust,
Got tricks in the mix and we out of love,
Killing a trick with a verbal cut,
Yo thats enough,
I'm in a rush,
Crawling up outta the mud,
See you in the next life when I pull the fucking plug,

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