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Ha, hey guys, let's do one of those no melody songs
That'll be so creative
Yeah, uh, yeah, yeah
Ayy, Wendigo, you sound like Kenny Beats right now, hahaha
Chase the money, chase money, hahaha
Yeah, oh my God, bitch, yes, yeah, Wendi
B-B-Bitch I'm smokin' gas in my chambers like it's the holocaust
Pull up with a K on my rifle, that's what the holo cost
Teacher said you won't be successful makin' those animations
Shut yo apple-eatin' ass up and do some laminations
(Verse 1)
I tear a page out the bible if I be out of papers
Idle niggas worshipin' idols, put acid in yo wafers
Pastor said you won't be successful gettin' that boomin'
Did I ask ya pussy nigga? You a human
(Verse 2)
And I'ma be a star soon, wavy like Ahab, hit that nigga with the harpoon
Save me, I may have pulled the trigger, ate some hard 'shrooms
Maybe I'm faded but I wiggle like a cartoon
Yeah, I feel like a cartoon
(Verse 3)
I'm in yo devices, perpetuate your vices in crisis, but I'm the nicest
Always eat your food with spices
Pay attention to the prices, don't be made into a sucka
You won't have enough for supper, keep ya numbers on the upper
Tupperware eatin', my seatin' steady on the carpet
I park it and then I spark it, no marketin' hittin' targets
Hit like a guitar pick that's strummin'
Or like a drum that be gunnin' you down for fun, I chuckle, and then I run
(Verse 4)
Run up, I dump it out, he wanna thump it out
Coke in a mountain, my bitch gotta lump it out
Don't do no arguments, pull up, no parkin' it
You hear the sound when my niggas is sparkin' it
I got two hands on that bitch, I won't double back
I got that cookie it double wrap
I got Gelato in Cuban tobacco
I popped a new bottle and blew out her back, ho
I act like a wacko
I spit like I'm chewin' on you and don't know what to do with the goo
You a slimy ass nigga, you drip like a garbage bag
Try me, I'll always pull up with a larger mag
Built like an armory, niggas got no chance of harmin' me
Smoke up a garden G, I think it harden me
I am not hurtin', my pain is too far to see
Bitch if we kick it, no way you say "naw" to weed or to poppin' a bottle
We pop him, he waddle
I ain't never dawdle, I'm kickin' the throttle while fuckin' a model
I stay as drawin', yo life is novel and most of it awful, uh
Nobody read no more, I stay on the screen, you whore
You pay to get to seen, you poor
Don't play for no team, I'm bored, huh?
Talkin' that shit yo lip look like an asshole
Walk in that bitch, shoot the bricks out yo castle
You one them niggas, not purse, it's a satchel
That shit a purse, but it's less of a hassle
Why it got tassels? Why it got tassels on it?
I won't pass the chronic to ya, supersonic-hoover-vacuum, bitch
I pack her smackin' lips
My dick attack her, slip inside her back-end quick
Stackin' chips like it's a Pringles can
Let's get it crackin' bitch, nigga
Bring it then, bring it then
Bitch, I'm, bitch, I'm
Bitch, I'm smoking (bitch, I'm smoking) gas in my chambers like it's the holocaust
Bitch, bring the hate, bring the smoke
Bitch, bring the hate, bring the smoke
Bitch, I'm feelin' great
Yeah (bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch)
(Verse 5)
Bitch, bring the hate, bring the smoke
Bitch, I'm feelin' great, chopstick get ate
Fuck yo fate, change your fuckin' state
Under sewer grates, put the stock up to my waist
I make you flip, like a cake, fuck yo zip, yo cookie fake
I tend to drip when I bake, put tobacco in my face
Bitch, off the rip, I be laced, go outside and catch a case
The pussy wet from the mace, riot dyin' in the street
Keep up the pace, fuck you slowin' for?
We racin' on our feet, we move with haste
(Verse 6)
I'm amazed, all these niggas fallin' off
Free 14, all these other rappers soft
Spider Gang, choppa cough
Bitch, on paper I look greater than presidents
Set preposterous precedents, got a roster of resonance copper?
Bother the residents proper, stockin' your evidence locker
Medicine set, it'll stomp your head in a dropper
I keep the lead in a yappa, I get to poppin' ya top or ya legs and sever spit red
And I drop ya dead and in heaven with papa
(Verse 7)
B-B-Bitch I'm smokin' heat like an oven, Hansel and Gretel
Sippin' tea inside your neighborhood, cannot handle the kettle
Pullin' up, double glovin', I'm buzzin' grippin' the metals
Spend a dozen and dip before he can settle (yuh)
He want beef, but he a chicken, I smoke a nigga, rotisserie
You history, I use my machine to make you a mystery like Scooby-Doo
I roll up my doobie, full of the beautiful
Her booty pull me in 'cause she's suitable, irrefutable
Run up on you, make you a victim, I'm the fuckin' shooter
I don't pay for features, I lick 'em, watch your damn computer
Back in high school they took my scooter, they made me a looter (they did it)
I feel smart, I ain't need no tutor, born a true intruder
Bitch I'm smokin' gas in my chambers like it's the holocaust
P-P-Pull up with a K on my rifle, that's what the holo cost
T-T-Teacher said you won't be successful makin' those animations
T-T-Teacher ain't no doctor, ain't got no patience (nah)
I feel like a cartoon (yeah, yeah)
Bitch, bitch (huh), I feel like a cartoon, huh
(Ha, now we're so original guys, let's add that to the new genre)
(Oh my God, so lyrical, I only deserve when there's so much clou-)

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