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You said you wanted to leave so I letcha go,
You did whatcha did to try and let me know,
I truly hope you’re happy with the choice you chose,
Been taking medications and it’s time to increase the dose,
Missing my son has tears streaming down my nose,
Keeping him away from me is gonna get you exposed,
Played too many games of control and this one hit too close,
Weren’t you the one who always said you don’t believe in those,
Oh, alright, I get it, it’s different when you play the victim,
Scrambling all around trying to figure out how you can abuse the system,
Must’ve forgot who I was before our complicated situation,
Isn’t that why you wanted me to change and fall into position,
Hated the fact that I’ll go against my opposition,
What you think is final it’s impossible to get you to actually listen,
If everyone was singing it out loud somehow it’d still miss you,

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