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(I would like to say free baby g fuck toker town go pick yo dead homies up bitch)
asked where he from started crying like a bitch
gotta slide back to back then ditch
caught him on ig talking shit now he dead with him mamma crying
buying all these guns cause nowadays they don't be doing the fighting
ran him down got em singing God please
press me In front my girl now I really got to squeeze
foos dropping in my city like they got a disease
I'm sorry mama I'll change
na fuck that I'ma ford street loco member where we fucking on yo baby mama then sliding on yo lil homie
if you claiming the F then you better know me
fuck toker town big T bashing
they ain't sliding on shit they be crashing
blasting out the truck straight crash out
coming to my hood you gotta take a certain rout
shoot him in his face make him think its a black out

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