Look Ma

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Oh, look ma
I got nominated
No I didn't it's just my imagination
My girlfriend got vaginal inflammation
And I got some good information
But first you gotta get yourself an occupation
Or I ain't telling you crap, to keep you time wasting
Instead you should be time saving
While I'm out there law breaking
Playing games and failing
That's why I'm always raging
Failed at fortnite and got a 45 placement
Oh it's a 45 your facing
You better get your hands raising
Oh come on stop your shaking
Doctors in the building and he's operating
He's operating on my ass, it's aching
While you're just sitting there patiently waiting
And you're bleeding on my floor
What are you doing that for
I should get into metalcore
Cause that's a metaphor
For a carnivore
I'm a dinosaur
Change my name to Theodore
And I can open up like I'm Dumbledore
Get it? Dumbledore. Double door?
Oh, what am I even saying anymore
I'm a king and a god at the same time like I'm thor
And you know I like it hardcore
Blow you up like a building with some c4
You ain't gotta worry no more
As soon as I walk in the door
I got sexy ladies all over the floor
There she go, just what the doc's been lookin for
I breed 'em like I'm going to war
See, I gotta go to war
And you ain't gotta go to war
It's like we both forgot what we were fightin' for
Summer time, different shore
And there's little to be glad for
That fire flow the finest women I adore
I got something you've been waiting for
Billy-club chainsaw, I’m coming through their front door
Lay ya ass down on God's green floor
And it's you, can't even front I press ignore
You know my shotty
Got that body
Like an import and
I know it's not important
But you know it's evident
That I am the next Eminem
My mood swings like a pendulum
I know I am not a gentleman
And I know I need some medicine
To keep my skeleton
From escapin'
Cause I need it for experimenting
I need to get their attention
So I'm gonna rip off my face again
Pull a joker
Yeah I'm done now
Cause I run up in them and I make their cats meow

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