A fake in my life

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He is like a echo in my brain these feelings won't go away he like a memory that fades
When he Walks away feels like things have changed and then I feel the pain
And start to think he is such a fake he hates every girl he dates
He makes all of these mistakes and opens all these gates
I once loved him until this emotion was a losing potion
As I drowned in the ocean going through so many motions and wonder if it was even worth it
He thought about things that weren't even worth keepin but hated to think that he was the darkest
When I wished for days for him to gaze into my eyes an maybe he could realize
There is a true prize and when you get rejected you start to cry it all becomes a lie
You eventually have to learn to say goodbye to that one guy and apply your life
When you arrive you see a knife and then its dark it becomes a nightlife
You strive for perfection when you mention the aggressive tension between the king
Love your self you are you and perfect in your own way don't think about yesterday
Just pray that you would slay the day

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