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Pull up in his car give him a blowjob on the way to his house
Wrap his dick with my tongue and my mouth
Fascinated by how my ass bounce
I don't mess with clowns, I fuck with gangsters
I don't need questions bitch I need answers
But you're fucking with a queen so watch your manner's
I let them see, just to let them thirsty
Then I let them eat the cake like it was my anniversary
They get it hard and go wild they show no mercy
If you make a mess, don't worry I won't leave it dirty
Give me the milk give the special sauce
Got them so high they're looking like astronauts
Just with a look I can read his thoughts
So come to my bed skip the boring dialogues
I will open my legs like a fucking umbrella
Eat it while you smoke marijuana, until midnight just like Cinderella
I like when he lick my thighs up and down
He got me moaning in asian like our bed is Chinatown
I love when he bring his friends
Then we have a orgy full of compliments
I lick the head just to tease him
Get on my knees just to him
You can be Kanye let me be Kim
Fuck it like we fucking the environment
Fuck it like you know what to do, like you're confident

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