The Message (My life story so far)

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uh, Bitch, welcome to O-Block
where you think you know everything, but you don't know a lot
take one long look, think I look boss
better get a gun before you get shot
think you got a lot, but you transparent and I know not
Bring all our cars out and destroy the lot
ya we do that a lot
ya we do that a lot
bring out our cars and fuck up the lot
this the fucking spot,
Lil bitch this where we finna spray at opps
uh, get this fuck shit out my face
I do what I want, don't what they say
only bullshit that they spray
so much weed in my house look Jamaican
Friday 13th bitch kill like I'm Jason
Plan equals the equation
so many haters around me like an invasion
they wanna take a shot but they mistaken
come at me they gonna leave shaken
I eat opps for dinner with bacon
let your girl come over cause I'm not taken
I just let off some shots at some opps and now my joints aching
aint no mistakin, I just smoked a pound now I'm bakin
uh, just fucked your girl and now your bitch shakin
I just flew overseas cause I'm record breakin
ya I rap for real no I'm not even fakin
ya I'm spitting bars and this shit amazing
looking like this game is mine for the taking
going to the top and I'm never waiting
all these people fake all these people hating
always stay the same never changing
Never changing, cause life's what you make it, aint no debating
like my style it's incapacitating
got some haters in my face that need evacuating
check my phone 9 missed calls waiting
meet girls in person, don't do online dating
do it for the haters cause they keep motivating
King Von, he's from O Block, a demon
kills in the shadows, shootin then leavin
really dangerous how I act, not what I believe in
many people hatin, aint many people believin
talking shit end up dead call it even
priorities straight and this shit comin second
family first, shoutout to the ones in heaven
R.I.P Neil, two zero one seven
fuck cancer, kill that shit with weapons
you know what I mean, I got good intentions
never imprisoned, never served a sentence
think of you everyday and I can feel your presence
thank you for my toys and my bed, favorite presents
never gonna die out man, damn you a legend
people laughing at me, hoe's don't get the message
makin fun of me, they think these bitches gettin leverage
when I'm at the top don't ask wanna go out for a beverage
doin this stuff because I really care
big dreams, look out at the crowd see hands in the air
big plane, party 30,000 feet in the air
smoke weed, and get all Kush smoke in my hair
arrive home go to the basement, my lair
passionate about my beliefs and that's why I swear
middle of summer catch me in Nathan Phillips square
July 14 at the airport, see you there?
my time for other people gettin shared
showed off for a girl but I wasted my time
gonna wish she cared when she sees me in my prime
but I wont give her shit, wont even give her a dime
don't give a fuck, don't ask to see me in the summertime
cared about you a lot but now I'm done, I'm fine
think I'm someone I'm not, thought you were really fine
wanted to be a good person since I was nine
when grandpa died, I was fucked up but now I am better
highschool came wanted to fit in got my track pants and sweater
wanted to have all the dough, all the cheddar
wanted a pretty girl so I wrote one a letter
thought her reaction would be better
vacation all the time just took a flight to Aruba
seven days seven nights to Cuba
Dominican is better and I'll stick it too ya
went there, went home took trip down to Florida
go on vacation best believe imma board a
big triple seven flight across the border
private jets, new cars, got another on order
I done came up just straight off the corner
Halftime show at the end of the quarter
I could have made a rap that was shorter
perfect every time like a recorder
fuck all the haters but they is just hoes tho
triple seven change to dripple seven when I board it
autopilot then we put in the coordinate
goin up at a good rate, when we land park at the gate
take weekly flights in and out of the state
gettin the food brought right to my plate
ask for the chef I appreciate
I love him that is my mate

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