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Hey guys, that one review guy here
Today we're going to be reviewing HotShitSpitter's album
Liquid Swords
The description says
My writtens to instrumentals of GZA's 1995 album Liquid Swords
SO Let's get into it right
//Track 1: Liquid Swords//
Good intro track with great lyricism and wordplay
Some awkward bars in here at times
But overall, it's a great intro track with good writing
Overall: 8.4/10
//Track 2: Duel Of The Iron Mic (feat. Lil_Chip)//
A weaker track than Liquid Swords was my first thought after reading
Weaker in all regards, lyricism, wordplay and more awkward bars
The feature does well but also has he's awkward bars
Overall not liking it as much as Liquid Swords
I'm thinking a: 7.4/10 is appropiate
//Track 3: Living In The World Today//
Stronger track than Duel Of The Iron Mic but still
Meh at moments with the lyricism
Great writing and rhyming still on here but still not on the level
of Liquid Swords, but great track overall
I'm feeling a: 7.9/10
//Track 4: Gold//
A great track, a high point so far
Really good lyricism and wordplay
Love the meanings behind some bars on here
The best track so far?, I don't think so but still a great track
Overall: 8.1/10
//Track 5: Cold World//
Good track, a drop off in quality to the previous tracks for sure
But some rappers would be happy to have this track on their albums
Still not HotShitSpitters best work in terms of lyricism, flow and wordplay
Still feeling a: 7/10 but not up to par
//Track 6: Labels(feat. Coindrop)
A step up from the previous track but not by much
A lack of diverse flows, intricate lyricism and creativity
Bring this track down, the feature doesn't help if anything
He brings it down a bit with his lackluster lyricism and boring flow
Overall thinking: 7.3/10 is good
//Track 7: 4th Chamber//
The best track so far with the least amount of awkward bars
The strongest lyricism and most diverse flows
The flows could use some work but still not too bad
Thinking a: 8.8/10
//Track 8: Shadowboxin'//
Holy is it a good track, I love the lyricism
The wordplay, the strong meanings behind the bars
Everything combines to make the best track on this LP so far
Still have an issue with the lackluster flows
Still a: 9/10 though
//Track 9: Killah Hills 10304(feat. Neo-Arno)//
Great lyricism from both of them
The best feature on the record so far
Really enjoyed this track, some awkward rhymes and bars here and there
Still a great read though despite the flaws, still the flows are boring
I'm feeling a: 8.5/10
//Track 10: Investigate Reports//
Pretty weak in all regards of lyricism, wordplay and flows
It focuses on storytelling while letting everything else suffer
As a result this track is pretty boring and a drop off in quality
I'm feeling a: 7.1/10
//Track 11: I Gotcha Back//
Another track that sacrifices everything else for storytelling
Not as much as the previous track but it's still noticeable
Good track though despite it's obvious and glaring flows
I'm thinking a: 7.6/10 is great
Great lyricism throughout, some parts are very weak
Some parts are very strong but overall really enjoyed the lyricism
Wordplay and punchlines are on point most of the time
Overall good, great at moments
Overall a: 8.6/10
Most of them are boring and repetitive
There is no difference between the flows
They are all boring and just lack a change in them
He could improve on them
Overall: 6.8/10
Very cohesive album, touching on similar topics throughout
Nothing to say about the cohesion on this record
It's a very cohesive LP
8/10 in terms of cohesion
There are no choruses
Great verses, some are pretty weak and the features don't often
Drop their best verses ever on here, still pretty good
Not very consistent though, that's the only issue I have with them
I'm feeling a: 8/10
//Final Thoughts//
The strong points for the LP are The lyricism and verses
Basically the rhyming on here is great
But the lack of diverse and different flows and delivery drop the level
On the LP, don't see much in terms of features, often
The features didn't give stand out verses and delivery
Overall the inconsistency in the track list is evident with some tracks
Being masterclasses in rap and some tracks being boring slug fests
Overall I'm feeling a: 7.5/10 on this record

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