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Mental health struggles, man, they weighin' on my mind,
Feels like a battle every day, can't leave it all behind,
What seems simple, easy, ain't ever what it seems,
When you're fightin' inner demons, tryna chase your dreams.
Take care of yourself, that's the lesson I been learnin',
In the dark, find the light, keep your spirit burnin',
Adversity hittin' hard, tryna knock me off my feet,
But I'm climbin' out the pit, ain't acceptin' no defeat.
Sometimes it's tough, feelin' lost and alone,
But I gotta keep pushin', findin' strength on my own,
Self-care is the key, gotta nurture my soul,
In this game of life, mental health is the goal.
Step by step, day by day, I'm risin' from the pain,
Through the storm, through the rain, I'm breakin' every chain,
Climbin' outta darkness, findin' my own way,
In this journey of life, I'm here to stay.

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