One Soldier vs World War III

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Ugh i'm soldier
and i'll fold you like a folder
when i fight
i bring the light
and all you people get full of fright
cause you know i'm about that fight night
you might wanna back up cause here comes the bright
light ugh yeah
that's me
and i'm always on my feet not in a seat
so bring me that heat
streets where i grew up on
so when you come up to me don't try to act sweet
go take a leak cause i think you really need one
ya freak
i'm all about that new school and you all about that old school
we can keep going cause i wanna bring World War three
lets burn down the trees
none of your old gang will ever be free
do you agree
oh cause i'm the undefeated
you get the beating
yeah that's your treating
so keep on leaping
and weeping
cause all that's coming to me is heating
so let it burn like Usher
ya little crusher
don't mess with me
cause i'll get you beat
and mess up your meat and bones
that's why i'm singing this song
not through the phone
so get down on your knees and pray at my throne
and then you wont be zoned
man don't be the moan
bring me that fire
i'm burning down the grass and blowing up the blast
cause yeah you know i'm fast rapper
rappe and i'm cashed

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