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I'm foolish, believing happiness could be achieved-
No relief for a soul that can't seem to even leave;
I dry heave these hollow emotions
And swallow pride, plentiful oceans;
Endless devotion to hoping
You'd cause my mental commotion
To slowly recede...
And when my time came,
I cried and sighed, realized
He was just playing mind games-
With the heart i violently tried to
Grind back into a refined shape;
The stress, got the best of me,
Hoping destiny has a vest
That'll caress the death and
Pain that festers,
Left questioning,
"Is suicide what I was meant to see?"//
Another shot of disappointment
In the place that meant
More than what went before the feelings
You implanted within my mental state
So very simply//
I was rooting, cheering and veering-
Into a faulty career
Holding onto what appeared and steered-
But i'm in the clear-
Incoherently searing myself with
Fear I deliver
So criminally,
Remember what you meant
No equivalent to the smiles you provided,
You my dear,
Live within my memory//

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