World War Me

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I shall attempt to converse and try not to even curse,
Just express my truth to decipher this coded universe.
full of corrupted media, and ridiculous raucous rules
a world scared of geniuses, run by power hungry tools
the most intelligent man we know, paralysed from head to toe
Procrastinates about reality, in his wheelchair of woe
lazy stephen lets call him, mental thoughtful talking
revered by his peers, genius accepted by his lack of walking
the government we are told to trust, tax us till were bust
in this game of cards, cheats are enslaved by a drug called lust
Confusion uproar minds, by honest so called whores
the working class can still laugh tho, despite being oh so poor
sticking on mc hammer, taking pills and getting spannered
Getting by in this life so hard, anxious worried ticks and stammers
Autism, adhd, medicated industries
arrogant so called doctors, ignoring speciality
acceptance may just be, the secret and the key
within yourself, be free, with absolute truth and honesty
what will be will be, learn to love yourself and see
whoever you think i am, try reflecting humbly
Compassion criminal action, justice judge and jury
depression is our expression of the beast we live and breathe
Its all about perspective, war crimes, forgotten soldiers
World war me, internally, beauty sees itself growing older´╗┐

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