Time War

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(This Bitter Earth)
Yo, This bitter earth don't even touch my Inner Worth,
Times like these that the River's Turn,
I get my act together and tether myself to Figures of Mirth,
Kids go to Church, and understand the pastors Vigorous Words,
Because the Trigger's Worse,
And in the middle time marches with Little Concern,
Openin and Closin Windows makin Winners Served,
Summer goes and it's Winters Turn,
(This Bitter Earth,
And if my life is like the dust,
Ooh, That hides, like no other rose)
Every second, every minute time Consumes Us,
Forever stuck within her talons a full family of Humans,
Whether the sun is shinin or the Moons Loomin,
(Heaven Only Knows x2)
Forever in the struggle to find the Right Amount
Trying to find balance in the Mindless Clouds,
These inanimate objects project my Timeless Bow,
It ticks and it tocks until my Eyes shut and I Go Down,
When the Light Surrounds my Body and it Strikes the Ground,
That's when you know who's out the Fight Now,
Conquered by a nemesis that Cries Without Sound,
(This Bitter Earth) gives and takes in Daytime or Night with Live Rounds,
That fights at any time of day whether you in a suit or NightGown,
Forcin you to Organize your Life Around the rules you Abide to and Vowed,
Everything else put to the Side to Drown,
Destined still feel unsure about what Time Will Allow,

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