Life is my war or something like...

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this place that we find ourselves in this race get treated like its a game wondering about faith
I keep screaming your name
No please Juss stay one more time one more chance no that's a lie never mind
I don't want to get hurt again but this pain every time I regain my motivation
people be hatin discussing how I'm Juss another sheep in the herd an ugly duckling an it hurts feeling pain from this curse hear my words
I didn't choose to be on earth I'm Juss a time traveler walking around for what I don't know to find a home an times goin so slow
It's as if I'm not suppose to be livin for a cause or a plot against humanities cause doing wrong
I don't even kno if I wanna come around always tumblin hold my ground but I fall stumbling around to the sound
You be my beat I'm the lyrics now go ahead an tell me my curse I already said it hurts
not no more I'm headed north towards the number fourth of the lord play me like a musical cord Juss remember it's my war!

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