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Im so clairvoyant.
shittin on this track like im sittin on the toilet
hope i dont spoil it
bodhi be boilin,
up what he cookin in the kitchen
its his mission to find divine intuition so he listens
even when its silent, there's still violence
bodhi in his zone, alone, on a f****n island
another day in paradise like phill collins
im smilin, crazy like asylums
bodhi ragin war he sure to light c4's n break the door
clairvoyance like tupac Shakur aint with us anymore
so what the fuck they hidin for,
whatevers in store
it looks big be prepared for war,
I spit raw lyrics
dont care about appearance
i care about my parents and how they really feelin
when bodhi still in the light, and stealin the thunder
he pay respect where its due for his homies down under
another gulp of da wine
a puff of da dro
im high doe couldnt tell if my eyes low from hydro
they callin bodhi mojado im askin why tho
tell the truth, you cant lie to my nine bro
my name aint arnold but ill scorch a nigga
before they figure they alll fall for the figure
a father figure now i got allotta figures
the lord has figured my sins like a score get bigger
ignore the nigga
in they eyes he a rebel
thinking Bodhi following the devil
while swallowing his pebbles
or sorrowing in all his daily trebles
he in trouble when he shifting through the rubble
still always felt humble
hip hop aint never gonna stumble
ya ready to rumble
you ant rocky you ready to tumble
ready to fumble
but aint no rules
so bodhi beat ya shit up and take ya jewels
you aint no fools
stop gettin blacked and bruised
these blacks and blues
only showin that ya lose
well thats the news
always knew the past was due
or overdue like assignments signed at school
you think you cool?
spitten fake to say its your fate
to be great and follow a faith
man you chasin the papes
bodhi jus be chasin the rates on mixtapes
and he changin the pace
say its strange in his place
wit clairvoyance
he sees a clear voyage
its appealin like an orange
and other colors are borin
while other brothers are snorin
for others they be mournin
but in the mornin bodhi be sorin so it aint never borin
ignorin that he got money in his pockets
profits for the prophets makin they livins honest
nobody listenin to the lesson and ive learned
that tommorow aint promised its earned....word.

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