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yo I'm in a battle with with myself
cause every time I do me I go on the shelf
knell down cause maybe praying could help
grab a cool towel getting to hot to tell
everyone around me all they do is yell
want to sell my soul back but all I do is dwell
worried that when I see god he'll send me right to hell
cause when I met Michelle at a motel the cartel
made me say farewell
to the one true love that I ever met
the floor is wet covered in sweat as there coming in
smell a threat as I crept hit him in the head
shot this dude Ed down now he's in the bed
dripping red as he bled pretty sure he's dead
saw my girl in the next room but her eyes are dead
said lets get out of here than she grabbed the meds
wrapped wire around her arm than stuck a needle in
started yelling she was staring nothing I could have did
od'd that night she was just a kid
think about that every night it will never sit right
cried so many times now all I do is fight
with my mind waiting for my soul to take flight
eyes closed now cause my futures no longer bright
ever since we lost the war with the drug life

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