all this pain

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(drummer boi hit me up) all this pain in my heart every thing that happend
to me made a mark evey one dieing infront of me my mom im saving my friends
life like im in war in veitanam my homie died in my arms in my gang shoot out
how tf did it start its hard when ur parents depart my first kill with a
pair off sizzores on me bc nigga tryna run up on me this world is so
misseable i woke up one morning eating ceral heard a gunshot gotta hid
this aint no fire alarm gave my girl top its pound town finding out ur mom
died and ur friend is so sad we fighting like we in combat dont fall for
this fake niggas it a trap slump-c said he was the goat (cap) wearing my
coat riding in the hood with my friend this dope why u oppin ur js
ruining my flow u dum hoe dont mess with us we in the ghetto
tell my bitch to get low im the big great show u pull up to our crib
ur js a baby lil boi go back to eating with ur bib blood on ur hands while ur
homie is bleeding every thing went so fast gun shots that's all u could hear
it so loud ur ears started to bleed smoking my pain away with this weed
when u go out u gotta stay strapped if ur not u better worry all of these deafs
like mapper morty rip how do u think it would feel when somone comes
up and stabbs u ur vision is blurry ur bleeding to deaf on the sidewalk
niggas keep on yappin shut up dont talk its like i got ptsd envy im on
a killing spree i fight like bruce lee gettin pussy west side hnu 4l

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