why do niggas be hatin

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(yo drummer boi hit me up) i be making money fuck lil bunny
(u aint funny) rip mapper morty i hope u go to heaven and
god see's u in glory niggas tryna mess with me its gonna get
gory fuck u slump -c ur horny ur raps are corny ur in the wrong
territory ur probily a petohile ur probily fourty fuck lil canine
ur not worth a dime ur raps suck it doesent ryme ur js jealous
because ur teeth dont shine maverick ur old man u tryna
impress some girls ur card is decline nigga cry about it (whine)
fuck all the furry the tryna clime im in my prime arthur and the da
boyz are the best u tryna mess with us u scared mother fuckers
u say its a drill its a test u aint living no more my bitch leaving her
thongs in my room like its decore js listen to dior js pulled
a condom from my drawer girl spread ur legs we had sex
fake ass nigga's in rappad tryna flex im cooking them like there
eggs ur fried if i shoot u ur gonna die (good bye mf) we be
gettin high me and da boyz are smokin all yall haters
like ur a blunt u dum cunt beat the fuck out of u put u in the trunk
u smell like a skunk ur so dum this y u flunked we playing
basket ball ur so bad i js dunked so fuck all the hatters out there
all the hatter snitch ill kill ur ass leave u in a ditch (damage)
tell ur mom to make me a sandwich ur a glich ight bye bitch
westt side hnu 4l

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