Dead and gone

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in a deteriorating state already had my wake but I’m desensitized
My tomb decorating hate I assume I’m simply mesmerized
I memorized the words they speak at my funeral am I dramatize
Drama flies with somber cries as lay in my slumber mind
Unconscious continually I’m honest mentally it’s a nightmare
The darkness of the coffin looks as a eternal night stare
The sounds of the dirt piling gave me a slight scare it was right there
Wasn’t on me but I felt it also I got the growing worries of The coffin collapse
Often relaxing is my dreams seem more real I can’t tell them apart
Can you separate darkness from darkness I don’t think that is a art
Now I perceive my dreams as reality and me in this coffin as sleeping
Now I believe my days go by I’m living with family preparing for reaping
The time the lord calls me up I hope I’m not suck I feel God i hear him speaking
As I lay here in this casket deep underground today there today gone
Okay my song is finished I hope my anixety is diminished
I hope I get to heaven I hope I’m not define by a blemish
sincerely Your dead friend the one you called a menace
I guess this is my p.s I wonder if I’m dig up would I see the light of the world
When my pulse left and my heart stop it was sleeping until the night of the word
Nobody around in the casket I awake dead but when they view I was dead asleep
Deceased I think I’m deceased now but I’m resting and awaking
I wish I knew but all I know is I don’t have a pulse but my soul aching
My body defacing into decay more and more the feeling of my coffin shaking
Wakes me faintly , I don’t know if I’m dreaming or sleeping what is life making
I don’t have answers soon when Jesus comes back I will rise it’s my prize

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