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the love of my life changed my life for the better its easy to flirt when both of you are changing like the
weather when are a wee bit older let's have a daughter and name her heather
vanaken or we could name her after you take your pick cause whatever we choose
i would be okay with it cause no matter where i am no matter how long it takes
for me to meet you you and me are gonna meet regaurdless
of what the angel and the devil see your light and bright as the heaven lights
and im dark and hark and lark like the devil i guess you could say that was the old me but when im with you
you make me forget the old me and start to realize that it is time to meet the new me
see whenever your in trouble you'll always be protected you got me SERPENT999
to protect you yea wow i guess im something to see but all these other hoes ain't you and all these other
motherfuckers ain't like me because we are more powerful together then we are apart
i love you princess R+J forever your on my mind all the goddamn time

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