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Gaming started in the ‘70s
Back when kids were doing hellish things
But for your convenience I’ll skip that bit
Or else this’ll end up taking 50 years
So I apologise to Atari’s friends
Pong was revolutionary, started trends
And for the ‘80s, I’ll start with Pac-Man
It laid foundations, a blast from that past
Tetris sold numbers like maths equations
God, oh, forsaken, it got overtaken, though that’s not ‘til later, Mojang’s population
Consoles aren’t made yet, so we had arcades then
We had Mario Bros, before it went Super
Shame kids Mari-don’t know, two games and then super
Innovative Nintendo, rise of gaming meant dough
They made Super Mario in ‘85
Link came along next year to invade the light
On to the late ‘80s, Sim City was released
Users create places, recently got deceased
The ‘90s were overrun with platformers
Super Mario World’s an example, yuh
And we OGs, remember Sonic’s speed, oh green
But I don’t need, to dwell on it - Need For Speed
The first game for there to ever be police
So you’d better keep a lead, to succeed with ease
In 1993
Fifa hyped elites
It didn’t have a soundtrack until late
‘Til Fifa 98
During that time it got challenged, look
By Konami’s Pes, which is not half as good
In ‘94 PS released their vital
Seven years before Xbox so they beat their rivals
GTA 1, the start of a legacy
Received complaints but, part of what’s meant to be
Then in ‘99 Crazy Taxi was bought and then queried
Was still the development team’s second most popular series
In ‘01, we got the first ever Xbox
Didn’t wait too long before releasing the neXt-box
Xbox 360 came out in ‘05
When I was -2 and didn’t know life
Nintendo tried to compete, they released the GameCube
But then the PS2 ensured it got flamed, dude
I ain’t got the time to mention every console
Was around this time when gaming sped ‘head of control
So let me give a shoutout to Microsoft, keep a level head
And now I’mma just skip straight to the 2010s
The decade of mobile gaming, and Minecraft officially
Released in ‘09 ‘cause I count Beta efficiently
Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Cookie Clicker
Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja
All these mobile titles that might trigger
Some long lost, nostalgic recognition
Now we’ve reached the present, and Minecraft surpassed Tetris
In the sales charts reaching so high it was blessed, it’s
Crazy that a game can receive such a player base
All of them so loyal and very much gamers, ace
Xbox and PS made their 10th gen of consoles
Let’s appreciate the ride that we’ve had while it’s on hold
No new announcements as I type the words yet
Ready for the album, I’m hyped for what’s next

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