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The proverbial lemonade that I made
The proverbial lemonade that I made
Moving quicker then a snake'
Slithering snake you whither and shake
Redbox flow and I do not date
Two-step - white dude's Harlem shake
(milkshake)that thing shake with it .chocalate sip .let it marinate.
The proverbial lemonade that I made
Honey is always the one I'mma call late
Taking my time, let me levitate. Goddamn I'm starving and I just ate.
Tonight no pitchers, everything's straight
Taking my time, let me levitate You can't escape
High outer space no atlas got a lot of bait..food for thought. Thought
Should come with me to get your salad tossed. taste.
Taste it she's my favorite flavor
Type of life a nigga kill or go to jail for
Mo County, VA, show is over, encore
I got sexy ladies all over the floor
That I got sexy ladies so back up some more
As soon as I walk in the door
Now let me give you a little taste of my flavor
Now we making up like a bullshit lie.
Beautiful sky ogopogo mythology lie
A lime to a lemon, remind you of the sky

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