i am the one to blame

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Hurt deep inside, I'm feeling so low
No light in sight, can't shake off this woe
Walls closing in, it's hard to break free
In this darkness, will I ever find the key?
But I won't let my spirit be undone
Rising above the pain, I'll be the shining sun
Breaking through these clouds, I'll find my way
Inspiring others to the good brighter days
When the night is dark and my heart is blue
I'm searching for a way to make it through
Every step I take only leads me astray
But I'll keep on trying, to find a brighter day
I won't let the pain define me
I'll rise up like a phoenix, you'll see
In the depths of despair, I'll find my way
And turn my hurt into my superpower, hey
Feeling like I'm stuck in this endless pain
Heartbroken, tears fall like pouring rain
Can't see the light, everything feels so dark
Inside my chest, there's an everlasting mark
I won't let this hurt define who I am
Gonna rise above and take a stand
Lift my spirit up, reach for the stars
Break free from the chains that left me scarred
The moment i was ignored I cant afford
The moment i was left broke i cried to my lord
Fellin the pain im in my domain
Livin life its just a part of her game
I'm drowning in sadness, can't escape this hurt inside
The world is full of lies Its not full of my mine
And I don't know what to do cuz I feel like a fool
listenin to love but its not nuthin cool
i hate it because it starts at school
I won't rest until I see your face
lovin it its in my space
ur speedin thru my mind like a train
But I won't let it happen again
I hate this place
stop rubbin it in my face
In this dark addiction, I'm losing my grace
So she can treat me like a monster in a cage
I'm drowning in demons, can't find my saving grace
I don't wanna know your name
Cause the beat of my own heart beats when it's in my face
I can't believe I'm alive
After you ruined my life yuh
Although i had nightmares that repeated
when i had to shake my self awake
how can i beat all this depression
that you left me to face
when i wake up i feel him standing aside
he whispered in my ear
She is not leaving here alive
So i got her and we started a fight
I told him to back off he looked in my eyes
The devil tried to keep me close
And never let me out his sight
i tried escapin that mf my entire life
I tried to shake him off
but he and she are always a step ahead
hes the shadow in my dream
please help i cant breathe
the voice in my head
i feel him on my shoulder as i write this out
if he gon try me
he best pray to god
god he wipe me out
and no ones home
so im the one whos gotta fight this out
and we all know whos gonna win
so what you cryin bout
dont know how much i can take
if i take one more then
i got to go
sorry love but this aint love
But im a part of the god above
not the one to break my heart
this is the moment u took it to far
I love my family like nothing else
that means that i was trained with a belt
But im rich as hell
and mf u want me now
sorry digger but u aint my type
U made me wipe my tears and you feel like its hype
now ur broke you cant take a joke
you made me smoke look what you provoke im finally awoke
I don't wanna know your name
S**t just begun to race
Whatever it takes to get in my face
I never should have trusted you
All im saying now is fuck you
Now ima the who who trusted you u know
now ima show u how slow this worked
my territory was left unmarked
this is why you suck niger
Look it ive been thinking quicker so you have to consider how bitter this shit is and how i can pull my trigger

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