Time wizard from the 1500s

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Metamorphosis I put emphasis I’m set my armor is a lyricist
If you curious you hilarious a jester can’t stress sir it’s simple you lesser
I’m a professor I spit lectures I draw my blade like Marv Wolfman
Medieval warfare you shook man oh chucklesome I knew you’re a book man
Punches make you buckle some I’ll have you looking like Rudolph
Have you delirious mess hysteria it’s scaring ya I knew you soft
You delicate I predict I got you hesitant because I mastered this dialect
Since Bc I been conquering but I reset I got honor in history you just gotta dissect
I oblige to kill with skill to my will no room for vacancy
Your doom is complacency your triumph was a Mirage
A tomb a place I be because I’m royally listen can’t foil me
My soil be where you spoil see I’m way past my expiration date
My evaluation states I’m extinct so God perpetration with haste

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