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Twerk that booty . twerk that booty. Love when they be twerking on the knees.get lo twerk that the knees.if you over there looking doper.then a key.twerk that booty. Shake
ke .get lo twerk that booty to the knees.if you over therel. Looking doper.then a key
over there doper then a key.Looking good all crazy.get hazy get hazy.defifition of sexy. Breaking off with that magica,l a shorty on a selfie the bestie. Gone off ecstasy..
whose there? Twista breakin' em' off it's a magical sexy
Sexy who DAT besti . Movement
Fuckin, smokin blunts, sexy models in the front
A sexy armed & dangerous fuckin female assassin
people are starin at this scene up front
Ass-clappin', shawty bag out the wagon. Ass clapping.
Her phone in the bag, she dancing. ass clapping . shake
Our vision never changed, we self made
Tonight no pitchers, everything's straight. So great
I found a formula that's great
aint loyal cuz the way they front. adolescent.
Seven, what's religion nigga? I am legend. Present .
Seven, what's religion nigga? I am legend
they bow on there knees to this mother fucking legend.ground.
Curse or blessing? Rapping tighter than a Christmas present,
Two dyke jawns but tonight they straight.neva hesitate.
I been an ape, diamonds in the dinner plate.godanm I'm starving and I just ate.
Way too much right here is at stake.

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