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In the middle of the battle he lays his sword down and walks aways
Death fronting trumpets back ground as death stalks his prays
Like how hawks pray you clueless like maybe ox brain
Not game on how to live we figure it out but life got lame
So he became a drunk battling his demons so battling the reason the live
So it’s the season to give right so he wants to give himself a gift
He goes to a bar drinks himself a asleep then there open a rift
Death comes through makes it swift
Left him blue as his soul shifts
Brought back he goes home and grasps his phone
He calls his mother answers in a nervous tone
No answer it’s his brother
Rudolph and prancer relationship so there thunder
True envy towards one another
He hangs up seeing the convo as ivy
Thinking I’m bold and cold no icy
I don’t need no one to like me
He goes back to station to get a drink likely
No he buys razor blades starts a bath and pulls Hannah baker
Ana a soul leaves to the undertaker and the Paul bear
You stare at his corpse for minutes open casket
That’s the end that’s it

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