shit ain't sweet

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Took a shot cause i’m tired of runnin from niggas and the cops,
and they want to shoot me crazy so they might as well do it then,
cause shit ain’t sweet, shit ain’t sweet, yea shit ain’t sweet yea, yea,
yea, shit ain’t sweet, aye, yuh, shit ain’t sweet,
But they are a bunch of pussies
that come from products that are worse than the garbage thats behind the garage,
and This ones for the lovers who think lifes good and all,
but the thing they dont know is that they are oblivious to death,
and I hurt people worse than death can do to anyone, yea, yea, yea,
I used to pray about life and the problem was only worse than y’all think
it would be for me even though I was getting paid for an operation that I did,
and I ain't even a doctor,
oh how The problems gets worse the more I sip from the glass
of the most toxic venom you’ll ever find, so get up off that slave ship,
so we we can paint the city in red at the dawn of night
because of their little mistakes, and yea that’s bait for us to strike,
i’m worse than any verse you could make up,
but just remember they’re all full of mistakes
and I thought I recognized em just at the sight of their mistakes they made,
but it seems as if they all dont give a damn
and they damn any chance not to end with the damned,
its a cycle and damn it, yall quit your scrambling, begging, and rambling,
other’s the fear turned their bodies into manniquins,
oh how all the shenanigans were flashing in front of their eyes,
such as the shenanigans of he wasn’t really cooking,
so I shoved his ass of a cliff and into an oven door,
and yes life and death it’s a tug of war,
but you should know you can’t be me,
even on the high seas, but they all should know that shit ain’t sweet,
shit ain’t sweet, yea shit aint sweet yea, yea, yea,
you want to ball like me then your gonna have to crawl like me,
then your gonna have to walk like me,
then you’ll see that ain’t at all like me,
and you be saying that you be dropping number one’s well we’ll see
who’s on top and bitch i'm in your head
oh i’m in your head, and you wanna still fuck with me when i’m a king,
i’m a god, i’m a legend, and legends never die, bitch,
you fucking with me still, and i’ll stick my foot in your ass,
and you’ll need all the help getting it unstuck, yea,
aren’t you tired of fucking with me, cause it’s never gonna go your way,
cause shit ain’t sweet, shit ain’t sweet, yea shit ain’t sweet yea, yea, yea,
shit ain’t sweet, aye, yuh, shit ain’t sweet.

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