A glorious state of mind.

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SlayRage's Notes

To be recorded.
A glorious S.O.M (Blessed EP)

What's the purpose of livin', when you got no motive' or reason
That's purples I'm sippin',when I'm emotive for seasons
How can I praise the Lord, when I'm rollin' with demons
How can I erase my faults, when I'm fallin agreements
Listen, I'm a fine product of sin, knockin' down haters, I've never been pinned,
"#rocks" in and later, hate beneath my skin
repentance, mixed up with vengeance
Lemme tell you a story n' sentenced in center
Story of a guy who's done been kicked down, spat on
Call it Slay's stairway to glory, or Slay's spearway to throat
Came from royalty, but I'm broke,
known for loyalty slash being a practical joker
Been told “I'm like a doctor who dropped for playing poker”
Never breath a sigh of relief
Too old for that shit now so fuck the haters who never believed,
call me #Mr.#Evil conceived
Blessed, but not countin' for digits, I'm only few inches away from the towers and bridges
Middle finger to my #niches, bitch, who's laughin now despite the glitches
I'm a stronger, and better person, I errupt so bad like the red meetin' the Bison
Overdosed on #fights, homie call me #Tyson
#Listen, I got passion for the game
haters learned the #Lesson
Over confident, I'm way over the confidence stage
Got intensity of a boxer, I'm a monster mate
Prepare to be shocked, and stare
I got the devil on affair, murdering haters, yeah I'm unfair
I got no limits, my soul? I can easily spare
Fuck you for not believin', but thank you for being there

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