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Don't know how to start of this verse
Cuz i'm been tryna lift this curse
It's hard got a lot of thirst
Emotions feel like they'll burst
Back to sqaure one, damage done,
Packin' a gun, blasting em
Lacking the funds, panic some
Single once again but i don't even give a fuck
Thrown out for a dumb reason like keepin' it a buck
Guess she's feeling out of touch, like a bunch
Maybe she was young and dumb like a blonde
I did run away from it all didn't want it stalled I felt stunned
Mixin' up the flow like vodka to fanta
Rapping skill god gifted word to santa
Brighter than a lantern, head spinnin' like saturn
When I'm feeling hurt drinkin' vodka with my friend learn
How to cope, and don't choke, in your own, thoughts alone
Better off, having fun, drinking sum, or you'll be numb
Better off, burning sums like a furnace does
Bitch I'll be needing a coach like Curtis nothing less cuz that i'm deserving off
And, gotta pay homage to the onces who does deseves it
Cuz without my idiols i've been idolizing i'd be nothing, not at least a wordsmith
I've been cursing my x'es like i'm hurting but I don't hate em so i'm uncertain
What I'm doing i've been proven to be a nusiance so i'll keep drinking the booze then fusing with boothy
In this literature, a little imimature
Gotta stop this or i'll be hitting the curb
Cuz my feelings detour, first and second girl
Made me wanna log out of this world
They say that third times the charm
Like a sly cunning of a foxes heart
Play the cards right, and can't I depart
I'll keep rhyming these thoughts in art until my heart stops

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