Get Used 2 Me

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you came here
stompin the ground
you on some foolery
im king here
been in the town
you nikkas new to me
im lightskin
you thought i was white
you niggas losing me
street shit we
walk up and kill em
then take they jewelery
im tired of this
niggas all talking
bout what they'll do to you
they spinning blocks
catching a body
they like some hoola hoops
beat change?
they rapping same
i drop a different style
pressure cookin
he got mistooken
for a different child
been a while
venomous file
just tryna double up
dope spot
coke in the pot
then watch it bubble up
and i'm lit
posted on the strip
stir some trouble up
you did the same
tried it and failed
you just a runner up
i moved in ya baby moms crib
you should get to used to me
your best friend line you for death
then give the eulogy
its different now
niggas ain't built
how they used to be
screamin gang
get put in some chains
and write a movie scene

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