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Eat your dinner, plate of sinners, face of winners so tell me Winters
What you made of? make of plate love and take you place son
you want to be up and about so don't try to to scream or to shout cause I'm
one with the south and I murder your mouth like a tanky old trout
your mother was right, eat up your steak so you don't run and get
stabbed on my rake like all of this shadow business is fake, I'mma get
snakes and murder you eh? Like I was the reaper the shadow of hell
I wake up the devil and tell em he fell, then tell margeurite to fix up a
pail of all of the dirty and murky detail, she worked really hard so eat
it or swell, this knife'll go hard in deep to your bel- I can't lie to your face
you're my son, ate the food ain't it fun, clancy and nancy were trapped in
the tub, murdered in burgers and strapped to a sub for some other grub
gravy is crazy with all of this love, so sit at the table or take it from me
you won't be leaving for anything G, middle aged massacre maximal
masters making masterpieces madly mixing madness miraculously
I'm the prodigy, tell Satan he owes me for the shit he loaned me
I killed the only cop but you know she's underage, I ought to stab you in the
face, in the place where all chords meet to undo your race, strapped to the
wheel, Told axel to go and chill, I'll strap you to seven and grind you to meal
a monster is under the covers, he looks like your lover so lonely and dead
this fucker don't want to uncover his head cause the doctor is in and she's
none too happy, right Eveline, right now as sin, take that neck for a spin
copper and gin, gauze and a pin, nothing to win, I am the end
take it or break it, your life is just wind, I am Calypso, I kill and ascend
Lucas is crazy, he'd bound to turn heads, He's now running hell and lucifer
said, he sick of the ruckus he just wants to head to his own room to
lay on his bed but I've got an axe, Procrustes is coming to chop and attack
Chopin is back, he made a fiery remix, killed all the demons and strung
up the miss, took all her skin and wore it for kicks, I am the monster
Baker, bitch

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