You weaker than a retards asscrack

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Your songs are all kinds of trash, use those bars to wipe my ass,
This diaper rash tryna spaz, but finally he’s dying at last
You defied the scriptures when you cried out for dick pictures,
That’s sinister shit, you clicked the square to make the shit bigger ?
Yo, Pull that trigger, show us you ain’t a switch hitter
I eat tits for dinner, you squeeze penis and use semen as tooth filler
You aint a true killa, just a new nigga, lisping while rappin,
Riffin and raffin’, I’d get more traction if I shit in a napkin,
That’s what happens when battlin’ sin, ass clappin’,
Unlimited back-handing, infinite sack- slapping your faggot ass chin,
Detaching your grin, u got special attacked in your anal latch
The octopus painfully got attached, and cock-smacked the prolapse
You gobble gonads, and tried out for the triads
But your tai-chi dad got mad, now you’re here, acting like u bad on rappad

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