Enforce The Law

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*Based on a true story.

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The only reason you exist is because I imagined it,
at any moment I could twist your body into eight figures,
shape shifter I got the grid of the universe in my grip
and the script of life in a chip placed on the tip of my brain
the feelin' of power is so insane I could devour anythang or any mortal,
transport through a portal the acts I commit are paranormal.
I'm living life through a alternate reality with the feelin' of immortality,
because evidently back when I was a kid as I gradually grew gravity casually withdrew
leaving my body magically in ascension drifting off into a different dimension with lifted suspension.
Then I arrived at heavenly entrance still alive but full of tension
because I was given many powers I'm not allowed to mention
so then I stared down at the Earth in vengeance getting ready for revenge with no repentance so here's my ten cents in a sentence.
I'm planning powerful plots with bad intentions to keep the world detained in my detention
or just kick it off its axis and watch as it disappears into the blackness
because I'm a savage yo not your average Joe, so when I start to ravage its gonna get tragic bro.
The twilight zone is entwined in my dome, I was born to be divine on the throne,
king of the unknown where false prophets are overthrown and buried under tombstones,
I'm condoned in a world full of darkness with almighty powers like I'm Gods clone
so I'll make sure the comets lightly shower over your odd home,
I have the eye of a drone and I can turn any guy to stone.
All this power is dangerous around a twisted brain
I could simply leave Earth with a distorted terrain and no vivid remains,
just a wasteland where even the water taste bland and no trace of a tree or man that stands like in Afghanistan,
I'll send a tsunami to flood japan and put blood on the sand.
My sanity fell off its last strand, so my thoughts continue to race at a haste pace,
this mind of mine is in a time warps blended in space but that's its intended place.

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