Knife cuts

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Cuts on my arm not to feel just for fun
Playing with a knife for real am I done
Crying seas
I deal with paranoia and insecurities
They don’t know you until someone kills you
And then they wanna feel you
I remember popping pills like a drill dude
Empty holding depression
Drop it but holding addiction
Focus a second on showing aggression
Because it been people showing suppression
Hating haters mating faker with no progression
Remember a lot don’t remember dying
But I don’t feel alive guess my mind frying
Ain’t nothing like being in your prime dying
People bluffing won’t do something
But when I say something
I’m doing it like we fucking
What’s life I say it’s a sight
What’s death same as life
Yin Yang
Been saying dark stuff in my raps
Manifest blood fest bring it to me like rats
See believe when death comes it comes silent
A surprise soul rise it Hums all of the violence
We Blind to death from All the sights of death
Remind what’s left to fight the death

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