sight seeing

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sight seeing my lifes feeling unrealistic,
i wish this would predict my positioning not listening since class,
this and that aint my task aint my habitat for my whack white crap,
back with the rhymes tied on my back like we shopping fast robbing fast,
only in my dreams, doping like fein, golden treats,
provoking me, a bogus fee,
when theres a nose to bleed,
when will i expose my teeth aint clean,
like a celebrities feeds,
like a record to be beat,
i better be me, 3x
do i have choice,
you and i have a voice,
i prove that i am annoyed making noise,
off the frequent basis,
stop seek some bacon,
up and vacant in my wake ins,
raise some raisons and taste em,
who made em muffins,
booze and some grubbin,
im munching on something,
sip on the punch and lip on the blunt,
i rip on some trunks kissing my splif rizzing it up,
living like my wrist, flexible,
you wouldnt wanna miss this is, incredible
spit out some dip as i whip out my dick for a piss by the bridge,

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