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Success is just a start, life's the real game
Niggas always talk about the money and the fame
you niggas out here killing , its really a shame
niggas out here playing , even tho it aint a game
Dont even look up , there aint no sun
when i grow up , i want kids , i want a son
i want forgiveness , i want a business too .
I wanna be able , to take care of you
my desire for lust fucked up , what was love
yo love so desired that it gave my heart a shove
niggas always talking shit but i dont care
one day imma prove them all wrong , i swear
this is what i feared , anxiety got me scared
hopefully in da future , all the gang is still there
ye i swear life isnt fair , so im just gonna say one more prayer
god forgive me , and everything i did
i wanna turn older and take care of my kids
lord please dont punish my kids for my sins
i just wanna live a happy life thats it
just give me one more chance , i wont forfeit
and this time ill make my life worth it
it wont be so worthless , please lord i have a purpose
you still aint get the memo , damn u dumb
basically im sick of my brain feeling numb
im tired of everybody leaving me out the fun
im sick of this shit , something needs to be done
im feeling so sad , but im so glad
that i got my feelings out , i was so mad
i wish i still had all my friends i had
its mayhem in my brain , ye im feeling real bad
i miss all the times ,that i had in the rain
but now their all drained . down my brain .

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