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i thought they were my friends but they really some fakes should've known
There were some snakes next time imma put this 4-5 to ur face
i got all the drip and u really gon hate and you know my manz gon spray
and he gon spin and you know if he spin I spin he gon throw 5 and imma
throw 9 play with me get shot in your eye wit some blueberry pie like
side eye i cant shoot in basketball but i will rather be a different type of
shooter ima give u the booter jack ur car u gon be riding a scooter glah glah
boomer ima kill u the ocky way when i do that it is gon be my pay day
we gon kill u like ray ray threw ur girl in the air and left her there
she really did not care i rizzed her and gave her the stare we smoking on ray
ray day day lay lay yea all them niggas is shot they got popped and one
survived while five got shot fah fah fah blood coming down ur brain bang
bang u know who the fuck just rapped that bro that was oy oy oy mello he 11
years old just wait till he get older gang!

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