First ft. HotShitSpitter

• Written by  • Featuring HotShitSpitter

//Within's line
Gonna come again with the fire
Far more brighter than any of you liars,
Higher than the entire writer industry,
Eyes were blinded cause of the light, can't see,
Taking more shots than a sniper.
This is seen one in a million,
Been the villian, It's my decision,
Haven't even begun to show the engine of this rhymin' king,
Been singin' for a month, It's all I need,
Been winnin' from the very beginning,
This a proper ignition, You knew this from my description.
I am a king a god, Up for debate, I'm your fate
Even if I'm 8 better than you can ever initiate,
You can be my mate, If you wish, They're devilish chances,
Almost a crisis, But you get the riches,
An entire group I'ma bliss.
//HotShitSpitter's line
Come out, disrespect me and see the outcome
How dumb do you have to be to not scream the shit out your lungs
When I arrive, when I step in the place
It don't matter if you got a TEC by your waist
The weapon I came with is simply more deadly
'Cause the lyrics attack strictly where your head be
When I'm erupting with rhymes, they're corrupting your mind
I'mma mess all of your thoughts up with one line
The verse I'm sending is getting you in a hearse
I don't even write shit, I let the truth spit the words
Young bucks getting dumb fucked when I use my tongue
My blood pump when I spit shit hotter than sun
I don't bother with rappers that don't posess skill
When he goes up against me, he more or less feel
He 'bout to be exterminated from this world
Disfigure y'all quick, I murder haters, rhymes swirl
In my brain all the time, 24/7
I'm proud to say I clapped many of your reverends
My mouth's a blade, I announce you drowsy lames' death
You bleeding, but you ain't felt the real amount of pain yet
Known to make brains melt, my rhymes too intricate
You can hide all you want, I know you listening
When I clutch the mic, I turn it into cosmic dust
You duck or your life get taken when this monster bust

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