Untityechoppawest diss

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your like my car without the paint, stupid
you got dreams bout being a star, they lucid
you in love with dzoobas i aint, cupid
im a buisness man rapper, im suited
ye choppa west thats 3 different names
you the 2nd best im the best in the game
your rhyme sounds like you under water, lame
and you need a new nickname
like a rope im gonna jump you
and after that im gonna hump you
run run kid ill forrest gump you
your boyfriend is gonna dump you
your hair is some trash need some hair dye
after that you gonna die
and thats no liee
your audio quality is trash
ill stick my hotdog bun in that cash
cause i got racks and i got stacks
on facs
i woke up in the new bugatti
imma catch a body become a hottie and run up puscatti
punani so wet like a tsunami
you look like a dog you need to go to the vet
you made a diss track and i said bet
imma put your gay ass in some debt
smoke you like a cigarrete
w fit or l fit you always got an l
everyone can tell you meatriding
and you feetfinding on melly on jelly
how you wear the double c but no chanel
you dont even make no sense
and you make no cents as in money
and you get no bread as in honey
youll probably work for my company

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