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I grew up in Tokyo, my mama died
My daddy went to jail and did suicide
My sister went 6 feet deep
Got her head cut off by somebody named Steve
I don't know any relatives
Broken, my POV is negative, people calling me sensitive
Calling me irrelevant, everybody's competitive
All I see is skeletons, still developing
All my friends were pretend
And inside they wanted me dead
These bitches got rumors widespread
That's why I hate my school and why I say threats
Gettin' into detention, this is my life
Broken down so many times
I was loved by my family till my sister died
And my dad went insane and killed my mother/wife
Oh, shots fired, beer bottles broken
Glass stuck in her head, damn, she was golden
I don't even want my rollie
I just want my mama, she was holy
Now I'm sittin' here, melancholy
And I swear, I'm dying slowly
Oh, I'm so damn lonely
All these hoes so nosy
Oh, tryna steal my trophy
Tryna get cozy, thinking of my mom and my homie
When my friends die, bitches know me
Just show me, show me
Broken-hearted, bitch you owe me
Hel is below me
Red eyes like pepperoni
Looking in the mirror, idiots slow me
Bunch of assholes, need some lunch
Ima land a punch
Munch munch, crunch crunch
Wearin' grunge grunge
Ooh, ooh, goth
Bitches got blood clots
Fixing it all, got a blood cloth
Need my mom back, when my dad and my mom fought
My daddy would boycott
And then they'd say they forgot
It would happen again and my daddy would pull out a glock
And threaten to fire 2 shots
I'd run to my room and lock the door a lot
I'd open the window as I was taught
My daddy had issues and the worser it got
The worser his mental health became, I had these bad thoughts
Worried bout my mom mom
Broken hearted, wanted to plant a bomb
I wanted to kill my dad but I had to stay calm
I tried to fix it all, my palm was sweaty
And I had a few pennies
And I felt so empty
I felt like my dad was deadly
I should've trusted my gut already
And my dad used to be so friendly
Now he's dead, he was so messy
His head was all over the place, blood everywhere like confetti
He had a machete
I was scared, super scared, scarred and broken, leading to no where
Following the light, leading me out of this depression cave
Ooh, tried to behave
Had to cook my own shit in the microwave
Had to learn to walk by myself, when somebody fucked up, I haven't forgave
'em, cuz I swear this is a shock wave
Had to learn to cook and shave
Had to learn to get dressed and have time saved
Had to learn to shower do my hair and my momma was in her grave
And I was brave but I tried to move on
I thought about my mom all day long
My guts were right and I was wrong
Now I'm broken and I shoulda listened to my guts all along
And now I'm singing this song
Broken hearted, I still stay strong
But where do I belong?
Then my dad died in jail and I was on the streets
Raised up enough money to get something to eat
One day a fucking week
Where would I sleep?
On the cold floor, I'd cry and scream
I found somebody who cared for me
He treated me well and was always there for me
I'd get bullied behind the scenes
Nobody would believe me
Everybody thought the bullies were so sweet
And I was an attention seeker who wanted attention to seek
I wasn't lying though, as you can see
And nobody wanted to be me
And he gave me a bed and I didn't have to sleep on concrete
I wouldn't get beaten and I'd have more than wheat
I'd have everything I would need
And I felt elite
And I had bed sheets
I had things to eat
I had socks and shoes for my feet
Shirts and a room and heat
I would have new clothes and meat
I'd have a real person who made my life complete
Met a girl who'd then be my wife
I was suicidal and wanted to commit suicide
She had to hide
All the fucking knives
I'd try to drink bleach and take my life
Tried to hang myself every time
I'd fail but never give up cuz I wasn't fine
Acting alright, fake smile, oh, I wanted to die
My mom was in my mind
All fucking day I'd cry
My then-wife would hold me tight
I'd try and try
To fucking die
I loved reading creepy things, it would keep me alive
It kept me satisfied
To my surprise, I realized
That I really like
These stories, am I right?
So I said, "I might write one that's mine"
But I decided not to until I was older and not nine
I still haven't smiled wide
My then-wife was my guide
I would put my depression aside
But it would always come back to bite
And I took my then-wife's advice
I cut off the fakies and put them behind
My then-wife was always by my side
We was young, trying to survive
God was there for me and we had a wild ride
Soon my then-wife was my sunshine
I felt good, felt like I was in paradise
I'd never let her go nor say goodbye
I'd always apologize
I wanted to do homicide
Cuz everybody lied
I knew this was my demise
I felt paralyzed
Had no valentine
But I got one which was my then-wife
I'm still in the same place I used to reside
My feelings I tried to hide
All these fakies are parasites
I'm strong like a samurai
The fakies did genocide
I got married, with a baby on the way
Felt good every single day
Made a few friends on the way
Ready to become a father hey hey
Gonna be a good dad to my kid
And ain't listen to the fakies bullshit
I felt good, them fakies died quick
I love my family, my friends, and my wife, my kid, and everybody who's nice
I felt good, I loved my life
Feeling good every day every night

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