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Kadie Karen, I can't believe you even found a lover
Cuz your racist ass lost it's color
And what's for supper? Pigs!
Porkchop basically, fuck shit!
I stopped breathing looking at your body
To be honest you're weak and shit's about to get rocky
I know Kung Fu, and I'm young too
You're not a young fool, you're something I want to undo
Ooh, yeah, you in Denny's
I'm at McDonald's, I'm ready
You're as skinny as a pretzel stick rods
And you never beat the odds
And I done many threats
And I want 'em dead
Death wishes against you
And I wish I had never knew you
And to be honest, you prolly watch Betty Boop or something
Your ass turned to nothing
All these bitches likin' tech
You a nerd fasho yes
Wearin' them glasses, yeah
Lots of asses, yeah
Vegan Teacher is the one who likes to envy me
Bitches, I'm MVP, and you're my enemy
Dickheads are apart of your family
Hoes die, what a tragedy
I don't care anyway, that's reality
Actin' like James Charles, calling people, "Sis"
This is the, this is the
Let's be true here
We want you to disappear
We don't want you to reappear
I've been thru the oceans of the Pacific
Need your pacifier? Go get it
You're a crazy lady
Who acts like a baby
And guess what you're almost seventy
I got your identity
And you won't be president anytime soon
Bet you don't even know who sings, "Talking to the Moon"
Bruno Mars of course
Looking at the stars, for sure
And potentially one day you'll cry an ocean
Drown the whole world and we gotta bottle up your tears like potions
Angry as fuck, got a couple Yen
You act like you're fucking ten
Oh, then again, I don't blame ya
You're family are a bunch of lame-ya's
I got two shawties with me and some thotties
Put ya on hold cuz I'm talking to a hottie
Messaging on Discord, joining new servers
Bitches are my workers
And why you on my turf?
I got tricks up my sleeve and mostly my shirt
Ooh, eat a healthy smoothie
My wife got big boobies
Gotta this 6-pack
Kidnap you in my cadilliac
Ain't gonna be vegan no way
You can just leave me alone today!
I won't forget nothing
No shit, you ain't something
"My journey is fascinating"
Well bitch I just made a painting
Of you cuz you're ugly
You're so fugly
Ooh, you're injuries will be fatal
Bitches gonna turn the tables
Undertale Sans, I got the world in my hands
Wearin' Vans, Xans, nobody gives a damn
Ooh, I'm allergic to people like you, allergic, allergic
People I worship are my wife cuz that's who I worship
I'd take back your birth, I don't take back my words
I hope you feel hurt Vegan Teacher, so lemme spit this verse
Playing Roblox, you ass old as John Knox
Leave you on rocks, old ass Bob Fosse
Minecraft, mineshaft, bitches you like that?
Bitches gon' die fast, the ice cracked, hoes gonna find people to strike at
Flamingo, flaming Flamingo, bitches, oh, I don't think so
Karen Kadie heart's sink though
I ain't gonna die hell no
I don't wish you well no
I'ma throw my pain at you bro
Hope you realize you're an issue oh
I'm in Bloxburg, paid 5 robux for that shirt
Hoes tryna fact check, bitches wearin' a plaid shirt
Fact check, bitches tryna get that check
Bitches, have you attacked yet?
Ooh, yeah, who's doing this?
It's me, I'm using it, and you're losing it
Vegan Teacher loves starting drama
Shoot her ass due to trauma
And thanks to my gang, she's dead now
And I put her head into the ground
I'm flaming, enraged
She needs to be put on chains
Flaming, money I'm taking
Hope you die, fasho, you suck at baking
Eat 20000 Taki's, this is K. Alan
K. Alan!
It's K. Alan out here, NBA
Playing all day even on vacay
Playing basketball, basketball
Hoes love alcohol
And Vegan Teacher needs to be 6 feet deep
I'ma send her my feet, bitch it's 2023
Covid-19, bitches in a new episode
Playing songs on the radio
And I'ma put a microscope, my gang smokin' dope
Nope nope nope not gon' be vegan nope nope nope
For a moment, long ago, you weren't famous
Now you are, but in a bad way, you're making me impatient
None of these hoes wanna change
Including you Karen Kadie like go away
And BENOFTHEWEEK hates you, accept it, okay?
You can find someone else to torture, comrade
You ain't my comrade need some knee pads young lad
We ain't mad we ain't sad, going at Kallmekris
I'm all in this shit, you should be thrown in a pit
Here's a deal, get real
I'ma go Max Mayfield
Stranger things, sadness you bring
You can't even sing or do anything
My life was changed since you came
I started eating many more candycanes
Gettin' fat because of that
Lost some weight when you got deleted and started to rap
My parents always told me I'd be a superstar
Still starting out, ain't getting far
Karen Kadie gon' get ran over with my Mercedes
Ferrari daily maybe you're boutta be in your eighties
Ferrari like Pikachu, it's yellow like Pikachu
Bitches in North Korea, I'll send you there too
Ooh, pick and choose, fuck North Korea
We love South Korea, we ain't American, what's a corn tortilla?
I'm German, Vegan Teacher's house gon' be burning
And she never stops being determined to hurt a person
If I'm being honest, writing songs is my life
This is the

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