S.I.I.A.V (prod. sundwn x pizzle)

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im tryna make it no time be breakin but mentally breakin
my liombs
i take it by paces i gotta be patient cuhs i know im fucking depressed
don know how to face it so you know break it up used to be poppin
em xans
my mental cant take it but for you i fake it godamn i miss all my old
no thats just the lonliness talkin depression that stalkin afar from the
you fuckin wit that bitch but she ain about it lil homie just stop not
just make up yo money cuhs these bitches funny be tryna claim who
they is
im done wit the city this shit isnt pretty im movin as soon as i can
all the times that i lied hada hide my wrists
brother died an i cried fuck didnt ask fo this
fell in love yah again wit anotha bitch
now im up past ten thinkin bout that shit
really wanna get a benz drive it in a ditch
now im unconcious think i need a stich
drink it till da henny gone take anotha sip
rollin up anotha wood wanna take a hit
only smokin on dat koosh always fuckin lit
remember bein hungry so we hada hit a lick
she tryna come back in my life bitch you can suck a dick
after tellin all those lies she on sum otha shit
she wasnt worth it cut them times now i can live a bit
so now i serve it in a verse and bitch i murder it x2
now serve it in a verse and bitch i murder it!

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