Step to step

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Trill be steppin like a Big Toe with an Antique Weapon why?
It's the only gun i can have in my possession as a Felon
If i get pulled over right now nigga prison is where I'm headed
My bars be so sharp that other lyrics just get shredded
I'll rip your brain apart like a fucking head of lettuce
Trill will abuse a nigga like he's Emmit Till
And you know I'm the one with the pen i got unlimited skills
To be real It's something like being on a limitless pill
Every rappers using gimmicks deserves to be killed
You niggas always running ya mouth but never talking
When its time for walking you dudes pull a Steven Hawking
Trill in this bitch, bars hot like steaming coffee
If you violate me, it might just mean meet coffin
Need Adderall for my panics causing collateral damage
Im a boss but my anger isn't managed
When i start talking bout the game it's like I'm speaking spanish
Giving out murder as a gift like the nigga Krampus
Not trill acting like a active shooter on ya school campus
My Basement is where ya go when your ass gets banished
Nigga it's the man right here!, you stans quietly live in fear
For your soul, I'll shed a single tear
Now what you wanna do? i can go all year
Fight in these battles until the whole Hall is clear
My walls on the top tier
I ride so hard its like i done popped all the gears

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