LuhQuinn-|Hardest Pt, 1|

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See how I can spit total flame
everybody's gonna know my name im callin out the game
fuck these fuck niggas cause they all lame
fucked her till she yelled my government name
Tried to take my flow but i reclaimed
nigga like a poster he got framed
He walked in drippin'
then walked out drained (DANG)
Gun shots fired from looney toons like BANG
Keep that steel like superman
Was at the bottom then leveled up like super saiyan
Just like chamillionaire they trynna' catch me ridin' dirty
Niggas livin' with they mama when they almost thirty
Lyrics i spit you know they gotta' be worthy
Spinned through the cut with that glock 30.
made him swallow them bullets cause he was thirsty
The signs say I'm a prodigy
a product of poverty who won the lottery,
a redwood among the pines
I stand tall when it's my time
remember them dem days when it was life of crime
if you my brodie then you my slime
25 with an extendo im prepared to do fed time
lyrical wizard EMCEES parkside proves time after time
In a turtle neck, thermal jeans, spit purple wine
Been a star since back my time
Detonating when I rhyme a rhyme
Gucci rocking a gold Rollie, I'm rocking mine
Running Hip Hop like 'Pac in his prime
It took time -- but finally the cash was mine
It’s whatever, you shine, I shine
im like biggie and tupac combined
Hoes gossip while the real niggas on the grind
You can search but you'll never find
No time for the chick who fucked the whole mankind
My direction good, well-rounded type
On that hard white, I’ll tell you what them scars like
Like the first Nintendo, the glock had a blinking red light
just like a bomb i was waitin to blow up just to ignite

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