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It's J, 4x JFreakTheSizzleGod,
Take, 4x note don't piss me off,
Stay awake baked till this shit wares off,
Oh you should choose a new time to lose, I live a life abused, by myself, parallel, Find some help, as I tell, where is hell, As the spell hits someone else,
Selling sales of fundamentals
Instrumentals while I'm smelling weed as it settles, felonies brought to my mental, i'm meaning by my brain,
Future Seeing Flies over my grave,
Yous a demon if you even fly my way,
Leaving hidden Meanings like ride my wave,
Ayo dude,
Say yo news,
As we blew threw few,
As the beat smooths up our blues,
Like the fuse burnt out within crews,
Only a use or choose a time we amuse,
Like the rest of group, confess all the truth within the booth life or death within our youth, so many of us grew up,
Remember us because we didn't screw up, loser fuck heard never enough my mind constantly taunting itself, as it haunts on me apologies don't help,
Alot me want cheese popping my belt,
Sobbing oftenly how is my name spelt,
On top of lotteries gotting me like how is my name spelt, well

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