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I wanna be in the skies already,
If I die can I be in the skies already,
Life tied my tries till I cried don't hate me,
let's get it,
I've been seeming kinda, fine alright till try
To grind to write till I try rhyme my lines,
Read between em, See as I mean them,
Demons on my ceiling kneeling till i come up screaming make em leave with reasons,
Seen as believen, we dem season changers,
Feed me lasers, in pieces like paper,
I read it like a favor,
You read it like hater,
Peter piper playing the tunes right,
See desire like a Pyro with a fire,
I owe some white old liars waiting to retire,
Fading and I'm tired and ashamed to say I'm a denier, to myself, proves ill sell,
Useless instituted acused of being nuisances,
I new it from the start,
I view it as a dumb remark,
Choose as you'll use it for your art

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